Crayons chain

Jewelry in the style of "celebrity" is an extremely delicate chain with one or more pendants in the form of thin, flat, openwork forms. The most popular are circles, hearts, crosses, shamrocks, wings or geometrical figures. There are also stud earrings available on the market. In our assortment we offer you gold and silver celebrities (gold and silver plated), made of high quality 316L surgical steel and some gold-plated products made of copper. The coating of jewelry varnish provides long-lasting satisfaction with use.

We sell chains, necklaces, pendants as well as bracelets and earrings. You can buy them individually, or compose of them your own original sets. Celebrity pendants are worn by people known from television and show business - hence their name. Now, for little money, you can supplement your accessories with the most fashionable suggestions.

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